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Yesterday, we explained in some detail what happened on Monday when the server crashed and we couldn’t post the news until late morning, which meant that even though we’d prepared the email Wake up Call, we couldn’t send it out.

The problem was fixed, and we were back in business yesterday morning.

Except that then, the email service that handles the Wake Up Calls (which is a completely different system than the server that handles the site) had an enormous and unprecedented hardware failure…which meant that we had the reverse problem on Tuesday -- the site was posted, but there was no Wake Up Call.

They’re endeavoring to solve the problem ASAP…though, as we write this, we don’t know exactly when today’s Wake Up Call will go out.

We’re nervous, though. As we responded to someone who sent us an email yesterday asking if we were okay, these kinds of tech failures generally come in threes. And we were about to get on an airplane…

We’ll keep plugging here to get things back in working order. And we appreciate your continued patience…
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