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Interesting story in the Dallas Morning News about how a Texas couple, Jon and Sandy Fielder, using just two SUVs and a computer, have managed to create a profitable e-grocery business,

The paper notes that is successful in a city where five different e-grocery businesses -- including those run by Kroger, Safeway and Albertsons -- have managed to fail.

The Fielders started the business when the economy was unkind to their careers, and now they have more than 200 residential and business customers -- successful enough that they plan to hire their first employee.

The upside of the business seems to be that the Fielders have consistent pricing with no specials, and a standard $9.95 delivery charge.

The downside? Well, they’ve been getting most of their groceries from Fleming, which has had financial problems and is in bankruptcy protection. But it isn’t purely dependent on Fleming, getting meat and seafood from local suppliers.
KC's View:
Folks like these give entrepreneurs a good name.

However, we suspect that it won’t be long before bigger competitors decide to re-enter the Dallas e-grocery arena, which could create problems for the Fielders.

On the other hand, they may just continue to thrive. We’ll be rooting for them.