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The Associated Press reports that the attorney who filed suit against Safeway, Kroger and Albertsons, maintaining that the chains ought to tell consumers that the flesh of the farm-raised salmon they sell has been turned pink via the use of nutritional supplements, has said that Albertsons has agreed to be specific about this practice on its labels.

This follows yesterday’s announcement by Kroger that it would change its labeling on salmon and trout.

Safeway reportedly has not made any move in this matter.

However, lawyer Paul Kampmeier said that all three chains still face lawsuits over the practice. "Millions of consumers were damaged by the grocery stores' practice of failing to label, and we intend to prosecute," Kampmeier said.

According to the AP, wild salmon is pink because of what it eats. Farmed salmon has naturally grayish flesh.
KC's View:
You have to figure that Safeway will be under pressure to change its policies.

The interesting thing is that Kroger and Albertsons changed their policies even while knowing the lawsuit persists…which makes you wonder if that makes them more liable to be found guilty.