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Terry Halverson, chief executive officer and president of Food Markets Northwest, Inc., announced yesterday that the company’s Queen Anne Thriftway, Queen Anne Thriftway at Proctor and Admiral Thriftway stores and all future store location names will become Metropolitan Markets. Halverson then unveiled three new store locations: Hawthorne Hills, Dash Point, and pending approval, Mercer Island.

The name change reflects both branding and growth. "We offer a unique product selection that has deviated from the Thriftways not owned by Food Markets Northwest, Inc., so the Metropolitan Market name will allow us to tell our story more effectively," Halverson said. "The name will eliminate a longstanding confusion between our stores' operations and that of other Thriftways; we can move forward with consistency for our vendors and customers."

Halverson said that the Company's ownership and core operating philosophy will not change., maintaining a commitment to excellent customer service, superior quality, and both local and imported product selection.

Some of the region's biggest retailers, such as QFC, Larry's Markets, Top Foods, Brown & Cole, and Olsen's, evolved from the Thriftway Group. Halverson credited the Company's foundation with Associated Grocers, of which FMNW, Inc remains a shareholder, as a contributor to its success.
KC's View:
The Halversen Thriftway stores have always been some of the best grocery stores in the country, if not the world. The names may change, but we have every expectation that its excellence will continue.