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The Associated Press reports that Safeway has joined Kroger and Albertsons in agreeing to label farm-raised salmon with the words "color added.

The move comes after all three chains were sued by a lawyer who
maintained that the chains ought to tell consumers that the flesh of the farm-raised salmon they sell has been turned pink via the use of nutritional supplements.

Wild salmon is pink because of what it eats. Farmed salmon has naturally grayish flesh.

The lawsuit reportedly will continue.
KC's View:
We think companies have to be held accountable for their mistakes…but we believe that by allowing this suit to go forward, the lawyers pursuing it make it very clear that it is about money, not about doing the right thing.

We're shocked…the same way Captain Louis Renault, the prefect of police, was shocked to find out gambling was happening in Rick's Café Americain in "Casablanca."