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The five new Sears Grand stores being opened by that retailer in markets like Salt Lake City and Las Vegas will include an edited grocery selection that will be heavily weighted toward snack and convenience foods, as well as HBC products.

In addition to its traditional inventory of soft and hard lines, the Sears Grand format also will carry CDs and DVDs, as well as toys and greeting cards.
KC's View:
Because there just aren't enough people out there selling groceries these days…

The expanded selection is believed by Sears executives to make the company more competitive with chains such as Kohls and Target. Also more competitive with Kmart…if anyone were actually worried about competing with Kmart.

Interestingly, the Chicago Sun Times reports this morning that the Sears-Kmart merger that was recently being speculated about was discussed by executives with the two companies back in 1999. The discussions ended when a Sears analysis of Kmart's business suggested that they would cannibalize each other's business.