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We got a number of emails reacting to yesterday's story about the top 10 things we tasted at FMI this year.

MNB user Mark Boyer wrote:

"Kevin: your list of 'innovative and inspired' items found at FMI includes margaritas, BBQ sauce, pretzels, cookies, sweetened cereal, chocolate, ice cream, chicken wing sauce and more cookies. Plus, irradiated ground beef. This sounds like a shopping list for a family reunion picnic.

"What there doesn't seem to be an abundance of are food products that will help the retailer convince the consumer to prepare one more meal at home (save for the ground beef). Think what could happen to the average market basket ring if product innovation convinced the consumer to prepare just one more meal at home."

No argument with that point…though we like to cook using beef, barbecue sauce, and wing sauce, while sipping margaritas and planning ice cream for a homemade dessert.

Doesn't everyone?

Another MNB user wrote:

"Check the sugar grams on Smorz and Cinnamon Crunchers. Most of the cereals we are feeding our kids are packed with SUGAR! 4 grams = 1 teaspoon of sugar. (It's nothing to see 30-40 grams of sugar in one serving.) If we want to defeat obesity among children in America the adults need to grab the wheel and feed our kids what is GOOD for them."

Hey, our kids are the worst eaters on the planet. We've gotten to the point where we'll let them eat almost anything just to see them put something -- anything -- in their stomachs.

MNB user Richard Lowe wrote:

"Your list may be wonderful, but WHERE are the no sodium added, low saturated fat, low sugar products that are a benefit to your health and longevity of life? Or better yet teach your kids to eat the right things."

Boy, you folks are getting a little fanatical on us…

Just kidding.

You make good points.

It's just that we're subscribing lately to the "live life today like you’re going to get hit by a bus tomorrow" philosophy, which means we're going heavy on the margaritas and barbecue sauce, and light on the tofu and soy.

MNB user Randy Harter wrote:

"Just prior to lunch, as I read your FMI tour recommendations, the brain in my stomach came to life. The NewTree Pure Pleasure Chocolate sounded wonderful, but alas, no online sales. This I was going to top off with your number one choice: Margarita In A Bag, but again, no on line sales. Actually, wanted to order for my 20 something kids. So was relegated to ordering a tin of the wonderful sounding Brent & Sam's Key Lime White Chocolate Cookies for my bride, with which they will attach a personalized note (great website). Perhaps they will cause her to pucker up! More to follow!"

Good luck. And remember to "live life today like you’re going to get hit by a bus tomorrow…"
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