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MNB has learned that an executive recruiter has been hired by C&S Wholesale Grocers and is doing a search for a new vice president of marketing and merchandising - as well as for a number of other positions needed to handle its increased workload.

This would seem to suggest that C&S is aware that even with its vaunted reputation for efficiency, it is necessary to add personnel and infrastructure to handle the added business from the Fleming acquisition and the territory swap with Supervalu.
KC's View:
The question remains whether C&S will make the adjustments necessary to provide the level of service expected and needed by independent grocers that it got in the acquisition and swap.

You could argue, by the way, that in areas where C&S is servicing chain stores, it doesn't need to keep the independents in business - it just has to make sure the chains it serves are successful enough to drive the indies out of business, so it can keep the volume at lower costs and service levels.