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Royal Ahold CEO Anders Moberg said Friday that while the company will divest as many businesses as necessary to regain its financial footing and reduce its crushing debt load, it plans to retain ownership of its US Foodservice division.

It was an accounting scandal at US Foodservice that set in motion the rapid changes that have enveloped Ahold over the past year, including forced resignations of numerous senior executives and a plummeting stock price.

"We will keep working to get U.S. Foodservice back on track," Moberg said.

He also said that the company will shortly complete the divestiture of its Spanish and Latin American businesses.

The Washington Times reported over the weekend that there is some speculation that as Ahold attempts to put its house in order, one of the divisions it could sell would be Giant Food of Landover - with analysts seemingly split between the opinion that Ahold would hold onto one of its best performing businesses, and the feeling that a sale of the division could clean up its debt load.
KC's View:
If we had to guess, it would be that over the long-term Ahold will keep Giant and only hold onto US Foodservice long enough to jack up the price.