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  • Busch's, the 12-store Michigan-based grocery chain, announced the rollout of a new online food shopping service that features what is called a meal-based approach to ordering, as opposed to item-based.

    Developed by Predixis Corp., which originally piloted the software with Webvan when that pure-play e-grocery service was still in business, the meal-based system allows shoppers to access more than 8,000 recipes and easily choose ingredients necessary to prepare these items. These meals are broken out by both type of cuisine and dietary requirements, which means that consumers can easily access only low-carb meals, only vegetarian meals, or from eleven other categories.

    The service is similar to one that Predixis reportedly is offering through the Bristol Farms website in Southern California, the difference being that the software company is hosting all of Busch's online functionality.

    Fulfillment is being done out of four of Busch's 12 stores.

    Predixis CEO Marc Campbell told MNB that the meal-based approach was developed in order to steer consumers away from commodity-based shopping, and toward a value-added, information-based shopping experience that is different from that offered by big box stores such as Wal-Mart.

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