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The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that a Pennsylvania legislator is calling for the state to open its own grocery stores in inner cities when major chains are refusing to open units.

"There is a lot more that needs to be done with this issue, but I am certain we will work together to bring supermarkets into communities to ensure the health and well-being of residents," said state Rep. Frank Oliver, D-Philadelphia. It wouldn't be an enormous reach for Pennsylvania, which already has state-run liquor stores.

"We want to revitalize these neighborhoods, and part of that revitalization includes having places to shop," Oliver said.

Alternatives offered to actual state ownership include providing tax breaks and greater incentives to companies that open stores in such areas.
KC's View:
Gee, they can't get a Wal-Mart to open one of its urban stores in these underserved areas? Not even with tax breaks?

Hard to believe.

Where's the Bentonville Behemoth when you need it?