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(Thank God It's Atkins?)

TGI Friday's, the casual dining chain, has made a deal with Atkins Nutritionals to create a line of low-carb appetizers, entrees and desserts that will be sold in the chain's 523 US restaurants.

USA Today reports that this deal - which is just part of Atkins' marketing strategy to spread its wings - takes place within the context of a nation in which two-third of the population is overweight or obese, in which $15 billion worth of low-carb products are expected to be sold this year, and in which some 50 million people have at least tried a low-carb diet.

The TGI Friday's products were all developed in Friday's kitchens with Atkins' assistance, according to the company.
KC's View:
The real bonanza in all this may be reaped by printing companies that are going to be doing up new menus for all these low-carb additions…and then have to do new ones for whatever the hot trend is in 2004, 2005, 2006…