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The Toronto Globe and Mail reports that according to tests commissioned by the newspaper and a Canadian cable news channel, trans fats were present in virtually ever restaurant and fast food product tested.

"It is," said Bruce Holub, a professor of nutritional sciences at the University of Guelph, "hard to avoid trans fat" when eating outside the home.

According to research, the Globe and Mail reports, "ingesting just one gram of trans daily — the equivalent of one chicken nugget or two slices of pizza — increases a person's risk of heart disease by about 20 percent."

Trans fats are created by bubbling hydrogen gas through vegetable oil at high temperatures.
KC's View:
Sort of takes all the fun out of wolfing down a Big Mac, doesn’t it?

Seriously, sometimes it seems like the most difficult task in this arena is balancing the need for credible, user-friendly consumer information with the necessity not to scare the hell out of everybody with alarming stories such as this one.

That's not to suggest that stories like these shouldn’t be taken seriously. Far from it. But it also doesn’t serve the industry - much less the consumer - for people to be almost frozen in their tracks because of the nature of the info they are getting.