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In California, the Tri-Valley Herald reports that Wal-Mart is spending more than a half-million dollars to persuade residents of Contra-Costa County that they want to overturn a ban on big box retailers.

Supporters of the ban have raised a comparatively small $93,000 to support their cause - including $25,000 donated by the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), and $20,000 contributed by Safeway Inc.

The referendum is scheduled for March 2. It was scheduled after Wal-Mart organized and paid for a signature-gathering campaign in response to a vote by the county board of supervisors to ban supercenters larger than 90,000 square feet that devote more than 5 percent of floor space to the sale of nontaxable items.
KC's View:
To us, the most interesting question is: what will Wal-Mart do if it loses? Pack up its bags and move elsewhere? Or look for another way into Contra Costa County?