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A California assemblyman has introduced a bill that would prevent people from filing lawsuits that would hold fast food chains and food manufacturers accountable for people's obesity issues.

"We're responsible for our own eating habits," John Dutra told Reuters in an interview. "The manufacturer that provides us with ice cream or cake or pies or cookies shouldn't be responsible for us eating their products in excess."

MNB recently reported that two similar bills protecting food and beverage companies from "obesity lawsuits" are working their way through the Ohio state legislature.

"It just seems so ridiculous to me for the restaurant and the food manufacturers to face the potential litigation when the litigation was so frivolous," Dutra said.
KC's View:
One more time…just because a lawsuit doesn't have merit doesn’t make it frivolous. (And, conversely, just because a lawsuit as merit doesn't mean it isn’t frivolous.) If fast food retailers and manufacturers shouldn’t be held responsible for the products they sell and their impact on the nation's obesity epidemic, then let the courts decide that.

If similar bills had prevented tobacco companies from being sued decades ago, we wouldn’t know as much today as we know about the deceptions perpetrated by the tobacco companies to addict so many people to their products and, eventually, kill them.

It isn't an apples-to-apples comparison, certainly. But we get nervous whenever issues that have to do with justice get legislated away from the judicial system.