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USA Today reports this morning on a new study done by Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert, is which he calculated the cost of buying food when one is on either the Atkins Diet or the South Beach Diet. He compared those figures with “the cost of following the government's Thrifty Food Plan, which was created by the Department of Agriculture not for weight loss but to help budget-conscious consumers meet the nutritional recommendations of the Food Guide Pyramid and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.”

The result:

    •The Atkins diet's ongoing weight-loss phase averaged $14.27 a day, ranging from $11.04 to $15.97.

    •South Beach diet's Phase 2 averaged $12.78 a day, ranging from $11.16 to $14.90.

    •The Thrifty Food Plan from the USDA averaged $6.22 a day, ranging from $6 to $6.61.

"The more I've worked on this, the more it has really become apparent that our obesity problem in the U.S. is directly linked to the fact that eating foods that are healthy or in this case lower carb costs more," Lempert tells the paper. "It's hard for lower-income and middle-income people to be on these diets. We need to help this population eat healthier."
KC's View:
Big problem, and one that needs attention from both retailers and manufacturers.

For those of you attending the FMI Show in Chicago, we’ll be looking at issues like this one at the Learning Lab on obesity that we’ll be moderating Tuesday morning. We hope you’ll join us.