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A new survey sponsored by the Grocery Manufacturers of America (GMA) says that women are three times more likely than men are to choose fruits, vegetables and/or salads as their favorite foods.

Thirty percent of women declare fruits, vegetables and/or salads as their favorite food, while 25 percent of men identify red meat as their top choice. Only eight percent of men put fruits and vegetables at the top of their list, while the same percentage of women name red meat as their favorite food.

“The fact that women are more likely to choose fruits and vegetables as their favorite food is great news considering the Dietary Guidelines’ focus on increasing fruit and vegetable consumption,” said Alison Kretser, GMA’s director of scientific and nutrition policy. “As the primary shoppers in most households, women can set an excellent example for their families. But the reality is that convenience often takes precedence when it comes to preparing meals. The food industry’s challenge is to make fruits, vegetables and other healthy options more convenient and appealing for everyone.”
KC's View:
The problem, of course, may be that they are trying to get men to change eating habits established thousands of years ago.

But women have the last laugh because they outlive us.