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Published reports say that in Salem, Massachusetts, a couple of boys running a lemonade stand near the city’s Common have been put out of business by local police, who were responding to a complaint by a sausage vendor who said the boys were operating without a permit. The vendor, who also sells lemonade, paid $2,200 for his permit.

The boys also were guilty of a more grievous offense – they were taking business away from the sausage vendor, who told the Boston Globe, "I'm not the bad guy here.”

Local police said they hated to evict the boys, but had no choice but to enforce the law.

Members of the city’s licensing commission, however, said that they would encourage the boys to come in and ask for a license – and that the commission probably would waive the fee.

Late news reports say that the sausage vendor, under community pressure, has called a truce with the kids and has “merged” with them, allowing them to sell lemonade near his stand.
KC's View:
Lemonade stands traditionally have served to teach kids basic lessons in business and economics. Now, these particular kids have learned another business lesson – in 2005, the big guy is always going to try and smack you around.

Welcome to reality.

Since this little conflict took place in Salem, Massachusetts, that sausage vendor is probably lucky someone didn’t turn him into a toad.

Of course, they didn’t have to turn him into an ass. He did that all by himself by picking on a couple of kids.