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  • The Sacramento Bee reports that “despite intense competition from national chains and potential challenges from Wal-Mart Supercenters, the Sacramento area's largest grocer wants to make it clear: Raley's is not for sale.”

    "The entire family, from Joyce Raley Teel on down, is committed to the business," Raley's CEO Bill Coyne told the paper. "(They're) committed to keeping the business family owned, committed to the business strategy, committed to where we do business. I can't imagine (their commitment) being any higher."

    Raley's has 15,000 employees at 138 stores in California, Nevada and New Mexico.

  • Drug Store News reports that Walgreen is scouting potential store locations in Hawaii, hoping to open its first store there as early as next year.

    While the opening of stores there would create some enormous logistical challenges to Walgreen – after all, its closest store and distribution center would be half an ocean away – the expanding population of Hawaii sets the state up as a fertile marketing opportunity just waiting to be exploited.

  • The UK’s Takeover Panel reportedly has set October 14 as the deadline by which bidders for the Somerfield retail chain there must make firm offers or suspend their courtship/pursuit of the company.

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