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The New York Times reports that “Fast Food Nation,” the 2001 book that served as an expose of the US fast food industry – and the culture that makes it possible – is in the process of being made into a major motion picture by director Richard Linklater.

However, the movie apparently isn’t a documentary, but rather a drama that takes place within the fast food business/culture. It stars starring Catalina Sandino Moreno ("Maria Full of Grace"), and apparently is being filmed around the country under a number of false titles so as to not attract too much attention.

Co-producer Ann Carli tells the Times, "We're just using the fast food industry as a backdrop for a multitude of characters. It's not a polemic. It's a character study, set in the world of the fast food industry. It's about how people grow up and make decisions to do they things they do. It's about what turns their lives."

Ricky Strauss, president of Participant Productions, which is helping underwrite the movie, says that his goal is to encourage corporate responsibility. Participant Productions has two films in theatres right now – “Good Night, and Good Luck,” about Edward R. Murrow’s journalistic attacks on Sen. Joseph McCarthy, and “North Country,” about sexual harassment in the workplace.
KC's View:
The best news about this movie – aside from the casting of the luminous Catalina Sandino Moreno – is that Linklater is the director.

He made the excellent “Before Sunrise” and “Before Sunset,” not to mention one of our favorite movies of the past few years – the fabulous “School of Rock.”