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A new study from the Mayo Clinic suggests that moderate alcohol consumption – people who enjoy one or two alcoholic drinks each day – actually may lower the risk that those people may avoid obesity, compared to people who either don’t drink at all or are heavy drinkers.

According to the research, moderate drinkers are more than 50 percent less likely to be obese than non-drinkers. And, people who have four or more alcoholic drinks each day are 46 percent more likely to be obese than moderate drinkers.

The findings were published in BMC Public Health.

Researchers cautioned that obese non-drinkers shouldn’t start drinking as a weight loss program, since alcohol is high in calories. And they said that it is unclear why moderate drinking would lessen the likelihood of obesity – though the lesser chance of obesity could explain why moderate drinkers also are less likely to suffer from heart disease.
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