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Good piece in the Wall Street Journal about how the nation’s pizza makers are looking to change their product’s image in the marketplace. “Thanks to Atkins-style diets, gourmet chefs whose toppings extend as far as sashimi and heavy discounting by the big chains, the independent establishments that account for the majority of pizzerias have been getting squeezed for years,” the WSJ writes. “In response, many new places are dedicating themselves to the basics. Instead of stuffed crusts and Thai seasonings, the idea is to focus on pure ingredients: the dough, the cheese, the sauce.
“The aim is to get people to put down those panini sandwiches and fast-food burgers and start thinking about crispy crusts and mozzarella.”

For many, the move is away from the upscale and nontraditional toppings that were all the rage for the past few years and towards purer, simpler ingredients. Often, this coincides with the trend toward healthier foods that are either natural or organic – some pizza makers believe that this is a trend with which it is worth hitching a ride.
KC's View:
Simplicity almost always works when it comes to good food. However, we have to admit that we’re still intrigued by unusual pizza toppings – duck, for example. But quality often has nothing to do with complexity.