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USA Today reports that despite the dairy industry’s use of advertising to suggest to consumers that regular dairy consumption is critical or at least helpful in weight loss efforts, “studies on dairy's role in weight loss have shown mixed results. And a new entry in the mix is an epidemiological study released Wednesday that says dairy consumption doesn't have an effect on long-term weight loss for men.”

Not all studies agree. There is research – some of it, of course, funded by companies in the dairy industry – saying that people who have a moderate intake of low-fat dairy products were more likely to have a greater weight loss than those who do not. But the research is hardly unanimous, and some experts say that consumers have to be careful not to let their conclusions get ahead of the scientifically valid.

Published reports say that the non-profit and pro-vegetarian Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has petitioned the Federal Trade Commission to stop the dairy-promoting weight-loss ads.

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