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The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Roundy’s Pick ‘n Save chain is paying close attention to complaints that have been made by customers about unfriendly personnel and rotten produce. The company has decided to take advantage of the consumers’ interest by using them as an ongoing focus group.

Among the complaints raised by the customers: “Products were stocked too high on the shelves; the store wasn't always clean; some produce was rotten; employees were acting like customers were an imposition; and aisles were cluttered.”

Vivian King, spokeswoman for Roundy's, told the paper that “company officials saw the complaints about the Pick 'n Save as the ‘perfect opportunity’ to hold focus groups with Parker's group to deliver the ‘best shopping experience as possible.’”

The customers believe that the stores they complained about actually are markedly better since their concerned were aired.
KC's View:
Someone smart – we can’t remember if it was Feargal Quinn or Stew Leonard – once told us that the best customers are the ones who complain, because they are the ones that 1) tell you where you need to improve, 2) care enough about the store to make their feelings known, and 3) become advocates for the store once management makes the necessary changes.