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MNB had a story yesterday about the UK deciding to ban certain junk foods in public schools in order to make healthier foods more available to children. One MNB user responded:

I see trash containers filling up with uneaten portions of fish, fruit and vegetables all over the UK next September. This will be an outstanding opportunity for any area business to load up on all the junk food goodies that the UK youth will surely rush out to buy as soon as they are released from school each day. This decision may provide “pupils with a healthy balanced meal that will give them the energy, vitamins and minerals they need to learn and play…” however, providing and consumption are a long way apart.

We had a piece yesterday about Target Corp. changing its insurance coverage for employees, which prompted one MNB user to write:

Target needs to be careful when making any type of move like this, as I have stated they have done an outstanding job promoting their stores and made it fun to shop. However not taking care of your employees whether real of public perception is a high-risk game that they do not want to get into and they can ask Wal-Mart about that one.

On the subject of Anheuser-Busch’s acquisition of Rolling Rock beer, one MNB user wrote:

I always hate to see smaller independent company cash in and sell to a conglomerate; however I understand how tough competition is and how tiresome it can be on the small guy. Hopefully A/B can keep things rolling and not be the Quaker Oats of Snapple acquisition fame and roll this brand down like a rock.

We reported yesterday that Wal-Mart was bailing out of its South Korea operations, which led one MNB user to write:

I have been in a Wal-Mart Supercenter in Seoul, three floors, while impressive, it was not nearly as busy as the competition I visited. My personal opinion, Koreans are a very proud people, proud of what they have accomplished and as such, they take care of their own. They buy Korean made products and shop Korean own stores. In short, they watch out for their own. I admire and respect this. I wonder if Wal-Mart will continue to run into these issues as they expand.

On the subject of California’s state senate voting to make zinfandel the state’s official historic wine, one MNB user wrote:

Thank goodness this will finally be settled. I was afraid that our Assembly and State Senate were wasting time dealing with meaningless issues while big issues such as choosing the state Peanut Butter were being put on the back burner. I feel so much better knowing that they are working hard to solve the critical issues facing me and my fellow Californians.

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