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MNB user Dan Onishuk had a response to our piece about Raymond Ackerman’s presentation to the CIES World Food Business Summit, and what happened when Ackerman followed a consumer home when he saw that her car was filled with grocery bags from the competition:

Enjoyed the short article about Raymond Ackerman. Too often one bad experience causes a total defection after years of nurturing positive shopping occurrences. How many times have you heard a smile and a thank you
cost nothing, the absence could cost you everything.

As a senior manager I visited stores as often as I could, I enjoyed talking to not just the employees but also the customers. Walking around the store, I would stop if necessary to pick-up something off the floor, as little as a piece of
paper. One manager said, you don't have to do that, and I said "yes I do", because if I can't do it, than I am afraid I can't expect my employees to do it.

And another MNB user had a thought about former Kraft CEO Roger Deromedi’s CIES speech:

I couldn't help but notice that the timing of Deromedi's firing comes just days after the close of the CIES conference. From your daily briefing in Paris, it appeared that he was a speaker. I give him credit for keeping that speaking commitment, all the while knowing he was soon to be out of a job. He was at Kraft Foods in the late 1990s when I was there. Smart, passionate, all-around great guy. I'm sure he'll do very well wherever he lands.

For the moment, at least, it appears that he’ll be spending more time with his family.

Yet another MNB user had an opinion about the Senate’s voting down of a minimum wage increase:

Isn't it ironic that we as a people driven retail/service business continue to give lip service to a minimum wage increase while continuing to give COLA increases to those in management. I know of no bread winner who can live at the current minimum wage level or even double that who can continue to meet those fixed expenses we all encounter. If the cost of a can of peas increases goes up what to retailers do, we raise the price. If the price of clothes goes up or medical coverage is raised what happens? The price is raised.

Think about it. What would you prefer for our economic growth?

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