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The Wall Street Journal reports on a new poll saying that 84 percent of Americans say that childhood obesity is a “major problem,” an increase from 77 percent who said so a year ago. In addition, 83 percent said that public schools should limit kids’ access to unhealthy foods, and 81 percent said parents don’t pay enough attention to their kids’ eating habits.

However, only about half those surveyed said that the government should regulate advertising and marketing messages aimed at kids, and only about 65 percent said they believe that advertising contributes to increased childhood obesity rates. (The numbers are only slightly higher among respondents who actually have children.)

Only about 55 percent said that the government should take companies to court if they mislead children and their parents about the nutritional value of the foods they sell.

More than nine out of 10 respondents said that public schools should do more to promote regular exercise, including regular recess, and that parents need to lead by example by being physically active themselves and encouraging their children to be physically active.
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