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This month’s edition of Facts, Figures and the Future looks at the full plate of labeling issues being confronted by the US Food and Drug Administration. The FDA “may be the nation's first line of defense against health risks in foods and dietary supplements, as well as unfounded claims in their labels, but the federal agency is budget-strained as it copes with an array of new domestic and global labeling issues. Compelling topics currently swirling around FDA include:

• America's obesity challenge and liability lawsuits stemming from it;
• What the public really comprehends in food labels;
• Irradiation, food allergens, whole grain and trans fat labeling;
• Inconsistencies in regulatory enforcement of dietary supplement labeling, which broadly includes a brand's websites and use of third-party information;
• Differences between how the U.S. and international regulators approach labeling, and how that affects global food marketers.

F3 looks at the environment in which FDA will be making its decisions, “as well as assumptions about how much information consumers can absorb without inadvertently being misled or confused.”

Other stories looked at in the new F3:

• Five things you need to know about marketing to baby boomers.
• Examining consumer trends that will drive growth.
• How and why the Fair Trade bandwagon is gathering momentum.
• A look at marketing opportunities in Russia.

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(Full disclosure: MNB Content Guy Kevin Coupe is a contributor to F3.)
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