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• Published reports say that Kite Realty Group Trust has terminated its lease with Marsh Supermarkets for a location in Naperville, Illinois, which will result in the retailer having to close that location. The site has been sold to Chicago-based Caputo’s Fresh Markets for a reported $14 million.

Marsh, which has had a troubled existence of late and is in the process of being sold, opened the Naperville location less than a year ago, but is closing the store as part of s cost-cutting strategy.

• News reports out of The Netherlands say that two unions have threatened to strike Ahold warehouses distribution centers beginning next Monday if the company does not agree to a new contract that guarantees a two percent wage increase.

USA Today reports that a number of food retailers are climbing on the smoothie bandwagon – which makes sense since it has become a $1.2 billion-per-year category. Starbucks now is offering two Frappuccino blends of tea and either pomegranate or tangerine juice, Cold Stone Creamery is selling smoothies made with 50 percent fresh fruit and 50 percent sorbet, yogurt or soy, and Dunkin’ Donuts is selling smoothies made from fruit puree.
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