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The Dallas Morning News reports that Whole Foods and HE Butt each opened what they are calling “next generation stores” this week.

The new Whole Foods store, in Dallas, features a spa on a second floor, the only one operated by the company. "This is our only spa, and no other spa has someone doing your grocery shopping for you while you're getting a spa treatment," Nona Evans, Whole Foods' marketing director, tells the paper. If it works, the concept could be rolled out to appropriate markets.

HEB, on the other hand, is testing a new central Market format that it hopes will help management “decide if it's landed on the right suburban concept to make the leap outside of Texas.” The format features, among other things, a “Central Market Café that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with outdoor seating for 200, a stage for entertainment and a playground with a castle and a friendly dragon,” according to the paper.

In each case, according to the Morning News the chain is trying to raise its game to the next level, to see how far it can push into new directions.
KC's View:
Oh, to be a laboratory for companies as advanced and sophisticated as HEB and Whole Foods.

Lucky Dallas.