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The Wall Street Journal reports that Kraft Foods CEO Irene B. Rosenfeld plans to lay out her new strategy for the company today at an investors’ conference, and offers a preview:

• “Instead of just selling meal components, Kraft will make more complete meals like prepackaged salads and ready-made sandwiches with its Oscar Mayer meats and Planters nuts,” the Journal reports.

• “We are about to take this great portfolio of ours in a new direction that's more consistent with the reality of consumers' lives today,” Rosenfeld tells the WSJ. “We have all kinds of capabilities in terms of manufacturing and selling and distribution. We've got complementary products that go together: cheese and crackers, ham and cheese, coffee and cookies. Our challenge is, how do we leverage those assets to accelerate our growth?”

She adds, “I'm excited about this new product we just launched in January called Deli Creations. These are hot sandwiches that are made with our high-quality ingredients like Oscar Mayer meats, Kraft cheese and A1 and Grey Poupon sauces. But what's so cool about them is you stick them in your microwave, it takes 60 seconds and it tastes freshly baked.”

• Rosenfeld also says there will be a greater emphasis on healthier foods: “We have technologies and research and development ideas that will allow us to meet the needs for healthier foods without having to give up on quality. If you were to eat our sugar free Jell-O pudding, for example, it's indistinguishable from our base pudding. I feel very confident that we not only can do it but that it's a key piece of our strategy going forward.”

• Rosenfeld also suggests how the supermarket needs to change: “We ought to see together the kinds of things that go together. Today if you want to make a salad, you have to go to the produce to get your lettuce, you have to go to the meat and cheese sections -- which are in two different places -- to get your meat and cheese, and then you have to go to a third section to get your salad dressing. So increasingly I think a big part of what we'll see in the future is better thinking about how to organize the store.”
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