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A new report entitled “The Power of Meat — An In-Depth Look at Meat Through the Shoppers’ Eyes,” released at the 2007 Annual Meat Conference this week in Orlando, revealed that while demand for natural and organic meat crossed the 20 percent milestone - with 21.2 percent of the shoppers surveyed saying they purchased these products in the past three months, up from 17.4 percent in 2006 – price continues to restrain sales of these items, with 63.0 percent of shoppers saying they would buy more of these products if the prices were more in line with those of conventionally produced meat.

According to the study, chicken is the most popular natural and organic meat, purchased by more than seven in 10 shoppers (73.2 percent) in the past three months, followed by beef (50.7 percent) and ground meat (31.0 percent). And, more than 48 percent of shoppers are buying these organic products from traditional supermarkets, or twice as many as are buying them from natural and organic stores.

The research shows that five beliefs motivate at least four in 10 shoppers to buy these products:

• Better health and treatment of the animal, 44.0 percent.
• Better nutritional value, 43.0 percent.
• Better taste, 42.0 percent.
• Positive long-term health effects, 41.9 percent.
• Freshness, 41.9 percent.
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