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Tiger Woods sunk a 25-foot birdie putt on the final hole Sunday and won the Arnold Palmer Invitational by 1 shot in Orlando, Fla., a win that extends his PGA Tour winning streak to five and keeps intact a so-far perfect season.
KC's View:
This maybe just the second or third time in more than six years that I’ve mentioned golf on MNB…because, to be honest, I know nothing about golf, don't play and have never watched it. (For example, I have no idea what a “birdie putt” is.)

But…I have to say that I am wowed by this accomplishment. On Friday, I kept reading about the fact that Woods was six or seven strokes back, and at one point heard the increasingly annoying and aggravating Mad Dog Russo on WFAN crowing about the fact that Woods’ streak was over, that there was no way he’d come back.

So when I read the news stories this morning…I was thrilled for Woods’ achievement and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that final 25-foot birdie putt.

I still don't know what one is. But man, it looked like a combination of magic and pure artistry … like a Koufax fastball or an Ali jab. Thing of beauty.