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The Chicago Tribune reports that Medical Marts, which operated more than a dozen in-store health clinics inside retailers that included Meijer and ShopKo, has permanently shuttered all of its locations.

According to the Tribune, the move was precipitated when venture capitalists withdrew their funding; Medical Marts were different from other in-store clinics, the Tribune writes, because its facilities were staffed by physicians, rather than the nurse practitioners common to other in-store clinics.

This is the second time this year that an in-store clinic provider has run into financial troubles. Last January, CheckUps, which operated 23 in-store medical clinics in southern Wal-Mart stores, shut down those operations amid financial troubles that caused it to stop paying its employees and vendors.

KC's View:
When the Tribune first reported on the Medical Marts concept a year or so ago, I commented:

The best way to compete is to bring something new to the table, which is what Medical Mart and Meijer are doing. I have no idea how the economics of this work, but I would imagine that if given the choice between a doctor-staffed facility and a nurse staffed facility, I’d probably choose the one with the actual physician. That said, I have no problem getting flu shots and easy diagnoses from nurse practitioners.

Now we have the answer. The economics apparently don't work very well.