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Bloomberg reports that Starbucks “is testing letting its customer pour their own coffee at some stores,” allowing consumers to “pay before or after getting their own drip coffee from a brewer near the condiment bar.” The company, however, is not commenting on the innovation.

"We are constantly looking for new ways to connect with the customer and provide the best Starbucks experience," a Starbucks spokesman tells Bloomberg. "We do not comment on any specifics until a final decision is made."

Starbucks is looking at various ways to reverse several quarters of sales declines that have created the image of a company that is in a kind of malaise.

KC's View:
I’m not entirely clear on how this works, so it is hard to imagine that this helps improve the Starbucks experience.

It does, however, give me an idea. If Starbucks wanted to try something different, maybe it could hold classes in how to make lattes and other kinds of espresso drinks. They could do it during slow times of the week, and have limitations on attendance to make sure it doesn’t get out of hand…but it might be a nice way of connecting with shoppers.

Just a thought.