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Earlier this week, Chinese activists were calling for a boycott of Carrefour’s Chinese stores because of perceived insults connected with demonstrations against the Olympic torch when it was making its way through Paris.

And, now Coca-Cola is getting Olympics-related grief from the other end.

The New York Times this morning reports that at the annual shareholders meeting in Wilmington, Delaware, pickets chanted and carried signs protesting the company’s sponsorship of the upcoming Beijing Olympics, under attack in many quarters because of the Chinese government’s human rights abuses.

The protestors challenged Coke CEO Neville Isdell during the meeting, asking him to go to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and request that the Olympic torch not be carried through Tibet “because Tibet belongs to the Tibetans,” in the words of one protestor. There is ongoing unrest because of Tibet’s desire to be autonomous, and the Chinese government’s willingness to crack down on the Tibetan people; the current Dalai Lama, who lives in exile from his country, is blamed by the Chinese government for fostering the problems there, while he in turn blames the Chinese government for being repressive and for human rights violations.

Isdell, while he said he appreciated the request, said that the torch run is meant to symbolize openness, and that it would be counter-productive to interfere with it in any way. And, he said, Coke would continue to support the Olympics as an official sponsor.

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