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In the UK, the Guardian reports that Tesco plans to test the use of “carbon labels” on a number of its private label products – such as orange juice, potatoes, energy-efficient light bulbs and washing detergent – as a way of allowing consumers to choose items less impactful on the environment.

The labels will state for each product “the quantity in grammes of CO2 equivalent put into the atmosphere by their manufacture and distribution,” according to the story, and will offer the category average as a comparison.

Tesco CEO Terry Leahy has been promising “a revolution in green consumption,” and he tells the Guardian that he hopes this approach will become a standard for environmentally themed labeling.

KC's View:
While some people will understand the science involved, a lot of people may just take a leap of faith and choose the product with the smallest carbon footprint because it just seems to make sense. (That would be people like me.) Nothing wrong with that – the more that both retailers and manufacturers can make this stuff accessible to us, the better for the planet, I think.