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Marketing Daily takes note of a new television advertising campaign for Food Lion’s Bloom chain of stores, themed “Shop Happy,” in which employees respond to customers’ problems with a series of non sequiturs that focus o things like handmade artisan bread, “Angus beef at non-Angus prices,” more convenient parking, and easy-to-reach shelving.

In addition, “the store is even giving its slightly-off-the-wall positioning a shove toward the guerilla-esque, printing 6 million stickers that employees can post anywhere—on products, on bags, and even occasionally, on shoppers. Dubbed Bloomisms, the stickers are just silly.” They include phrases such as “Life is beautiful, and not just in a ‘great personality’ kind of way.” And, “Live in the now. No wait, now. Okay, now.”

"It's just a fun kind of supermarket," David Oakley, creative director of the ad agency BooneOakley, tells Marketing Daily. The campaign continues to use its description of "a different kind of grocery store," he says, and the ads make it clear that "even though everyone has stuff going on in their lives, Bloom is an escape from regular shopping. It puts you in a good mood."
KC's View:
It seems to me that from its inception, Bloom was designed to be a smart shopping experience, and this new campaign emphasizes that it can be a fun experience as well. Since many food shopping experiences are neither fun nor smart, it is a good move for Bloom to separate itself from the pack this way.

Even better – from my experience, Bloom actually lives up to the promise.