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The Washington Post reports that “China has agreed to lift a bird flu-related ban on U.S. imports of poultry products from six states but remains closed to all imports of U.S. beef … China also agreed to adhere to a more streamlined process by which U.S. makers of medical devices obtain approval for imports of their products to China and to step up efforts to prevent contamination of its own pharmaceutical exports … The two sides further pledged closer cooperation on steps to combat piracy of intellectual property and the sale counterfeit goods in China.”

According to the story, China first closed its borders to US beef in 2003 when a case of mad cow disease was identified in the US; while it said in 2006 that it would lift the ban on US beef, it has not actually happened yet.

Poultry from six states - New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, West Virginia, Rhode Island and Nebraska – was banned from China because of concerns about bird flu. Poultry from two other states, Arkansas and Virginia, remains banned from Chinese shores.

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