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The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) announced yesterday that more than 1,300 executives from a wide range but unspecified number of companies already have registered to attend the 2009 Future Connect conference, the educational event that replace the annual FMI convention this year and in alternate years.

Future Connect is scheduled for May 4-6, 2009, in Dallas, Texas.

According to the statement released by FMI, “Future Connect will educate high potential associates from all levels of retailer, wholesaler and supplier companies to direct teams, focus skills and talents and achieve high-profit sales. Interactive education sessions and group roundtables will help associates understand the landscape of issues facing the industry, including current business and consumer trends, developments in global food sourcing and managing an increasingly diverse workforce.”

KC's View:
These are strong numbers for a conference that is still eight months away…and I hope it continues, since one of the first things that companies eliminate in tough economic times is conference attendance. But the issues that Future Connect will address will be even more important in a recessionary environment…

I’m personally thrilled that Future Connect is being so well received, since my partner-in-crime, Michael Sansolo, has had a leading role in designing and promoting the conference.