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Walmart announced this week that its Sam’s Club membership warehouse stores will begin offering its shoppers polypropylene reusable shopping totes that are capable of holding $50 worth of product; selling them for two-for-$2.74.

According to the company, “the reusable tote bags come in black and white and both display the water and leaf icon and tag line ‘simple steps to saving green.’ This symbol also appears on eco-friendly products and displays in Sam's Club to designate items that take steps to be more environmentally sustainable.” Sam's Club estimates it will be able to remove 1.9 million pounds of cardboard and package waste or more than 3,200 pounds per club, per year, by offering the totes.

"These new reusable bags will give our members an alternative to using the boxes we provide, and help us reach our goal of zero waste," said Greg Johnston, executive vice president, Operations, Sam's Club. "We will continue to offer boxes, but believe we can increase the amount of material we recycle and further ensure we are closing that loop."

KC's View:
You have to admire Walmart’s consistency on the environmental issue…and how it makes the issue dovetail with its business and profit imperatives.