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As expected, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) “proposed regulations Thursday that would allow the commercial use of genetically engineered animals<’ according to a story in USA Today, which noted that the FDA states that “such animals either produce drugs; serve as models for human disease; produce industrial or consumer products, such as fiber; or have improved food-use qualities, such as being more nutritious.”

The labeling of meat and milk from engineered animals is not being required by the FDA.

Consumers Union released a statement saying that that it finds it "incomprehensible" that “the FDA will not require labeling of genetically engineered animals that are sold as food. Genetically engineered animals may contain genetic material from entirely different species. For example mouse genes have been put into pigs to help them metabolize phosphorous more efficiently, and spider genes have been put into goats so that they produce spider silk in their milk.”

A period of public comment on proposed regulations will end on November 18, at which point the FDA will decide whether to finalize or amend them.

KC's View:
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Transparency isn’t a matter of degrees, or choice. It is about being completely open, because in so many ways we live in a transparent society where such openness is not just welcomed, but expected. Companies and governments that resist such transparency do so at the risk of their own credibility.