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In Week Four of play in the National Football League…

Cleveland 20
Cincinnati 12

Atlanta 9
Carolina 24

San Francisco 17
New Orleans 31

Green Bay 21
Tampa Bay 30

San Diego 28
Oakland 18

Washington 26
Dallas 24

Houston 27
Jacksonville 30

Denver 19
Kansas City 33

Arizona 35
NY Jets 56

Minnesota 17
Tennessee 30

Buffalo 31
St. Louis 14

Philadelphia 20
Chicago 24

In Major League Baseball, the postseason begins this week and the playoff picture finally shook out this weekend (almost completely) with the following teams scheduled to play in October:

National League East – Philadelphia Phillies
National League Central – Chicago Cubs
National League West – Los Angeles Dodgers
National League Wild Card – Milwaukee Brewers

American League East – Tampa Bay Rays
American League West – Los Angeles Angels
American League Wild Card – Boston Red Sox

However, the American League Central remains up in the air…with the Chicago White Sox scheduled to play a makeup game against the Detroit Tigers today; if the Sox win, they would then go on to a one-game playoff game against the Minnesota Twins, with whom they would be tied for the AL Central lead.

KC's View:
The New York Mets falling short for the second season in a row was a bitter pill to swallow yesterday. But I will tell you this. Michael Sansolo and I took our wives the second to last game ever played at Shea Stadium on Saturday, and it was a game none of us will ever forget. Johann Santana took the ball on short rest, and threw a 2-0 complete game shutout against the Florida Marlins. It was a classic case of a guy with tremendous skills simply picking up an entire team and carrying it for three-plus hours.