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Interesting story in Forbes about how foods rich in antioxidants have become extremely popular in the US marketplace, noting that “according to the market research firm Datamonitor, one in 20 food and beverage products launched in the U.S. so far this year has claimed to be high in antioxidants, almost double the rate from three years ago. Some 340 antioxidant products have reached the market since the beginning of last year.”

However, there remains some debate about the value of some of these products. While some “marketers have been pushing fruits that are known to be especially rich in antioxidants, such as acai (the fruit of a South American palm, pronounced ah-SIGH-ee), goji (a Chinese berry), pomegranate and mangosteen,” Forbes writes, there are other companies “pushing antioxidant-rich candies and sweets. From Hershey to haute, chocolatiers are marketing the benefits of dark chocolate in candy bars, hot chocolate mixes and chocolate sauces. Belizza sells a line of antioxidant-rich sorbets heavy in either acai or pomegranate.” In the case of these latter products, some analysts say, the calories and saturated fat may be offsetting the value of the antioxidants and deceiving consumers.

KC's View:
Supermarkets may be able to cash in on the antioxidant craze in another way, according to the Forbes piece. Shots that can provide ample amounts of antioxidants are likely to be on the market soon, and supermarkets with health care clinics might be able to begin selling them.

At least until the next craze comes along.