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The Boston Globe reports that Super 88 Market, the Asian specialty food chain, plans to close down six of its stores – effectively reducing the size of its chain by half.

However, company management resists the notion that this is a byproduct of the current economic tough times. A spokesman for the company says that the stores being closed are the smallest units operated by the company, and therefore have not been living up to expectations. “Super 88 is not only not going anywhere, we’re thriving,” the spokesman says.

KC's View:
The current economic environment may not have caused the closures of the stores, but it may be fair for those of us on the outside to infer that at the very least, present circumstances probably contributed to the sense that things may not be getting any better in the near term.

That said. It also is fair to point out that not every chain sees smaller stores as being underperforming simply because of their size – there are a bunch of companies out there convinced that smaller stores answer some very specific marketing questions in certain communities.

In this case, it apparently was just Super 88’s approach to small stores that wasn’t working.