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Forbes reports that Brenda Barnes, the CEO of Sara Lee, has created a new program at her company called a “returnship,” which essentially is “a four- to six-month paid internship for people who have been out of the workforce for three to five years.”

While the company cannot guarantee that people who take these positions eventually will get full-time jobs – there are just 10 to 12 just positions available at Sara Lee headquarters, and the company just laid off 300 staffers, 100 of them in the home office – the goal of the program is to both help these people get reacclimated to the workforce while providing Sara Lee with a valuable resource. After all, most of the people (expected to primarily be women, though men are welcome to apply) are likely to be roughly in the target demographic that is Sara Lee’s customer, and they may bring some unique insights to the brand.

KC's View:
This is incredibly smart and innovative.