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The Los Angeles Times reports that CVS Caremark has announced that “it would sell 90-day supplies of more than 400 medications for $9.99 and offer discounts for cash-paying patients at its in-store medical clinics … In order to get the $9.99 generic deal, customers must enroll in the program by paying an annual fee of $10. Members paying cash can save 10% on visits to the retailer's in-store MinuteClinics. The $9.99 CVS offer is just a penny less than Wal-Mart's $10 charge for a 90-day supply.”

The program is a response to similar cuts initiated by Walmart a few years ago.

“The price competition makes generic drugs just about the only healthcare bill that isn't escalating,” the Times writes. “The lower prices provide a measure of relief to consumers who are struggling with rising health insurance premiums and other out-of-pocket expenses or have lost coverage altogether.”

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