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• The Star Tribune reports that CobornsDelivers – the e-grocery business that used to be known as SimonDelivers before it went out of business and had its assets acquired by Coborns – began operations on Tuesday.

“Coborn's inherited Simon's customer list of 19,000 people, but it's not immediately clear how many resumed service,” the Star Tribune writes. “Those that do are being greeted with expanded product line, lower prices and a flat delivery fee of $5 for orders of $50 or more. The fee under Simon Delivers was $9.95 … In an effort to attract new customers, the company is offering promotions for free delivery. For current or former customers, Coborns is honoring all Simon Delivers gift cards and free delivery passes until the end of the year. In the near future, the company will include ‘totenotes’ with orders to alert customers of upcoming specials before they are announced online.”

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