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People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) announced yesterday that it is calling on Publix Super Markets “to report any progress it has made toward adopting animal welfare policies that pertain to the purchase of eggs and pig, chicken, and turkey meat.” PETA maintains that at the present time, “the limbs of chickens and turkeys purchased by Publix are often broken, and the birds are conscious when their throats are cut during slaughter. The company buys most of its eggs from suppliers that cram hens into cages so tightly that the birds can't even stretch a wing, and it buys pig meat from companies that immobilize pregnant sows in tiny ‘gestation crates’ for months at a time.

The demand for information comes via a PETA member who also is said to be a Publix shareholder.

KC's View:
The problem with statements like these is that it is hard to know the objective truth, especially when one has the sense that the people putting out the statement have their own agenda. Not sure if it can fairly be called a radical agenda, but it certainly is out there on the fringes and some of PETA’s membership pretty much defines the phrase “lunatic fringe.”

On the other hand, it is hard to read that description of animal treatment and not feel something like revulsion for the situation as it is described…if indeed it is the objective truth.

Seems to me that it is up to Publix to come up with a crackerjack defense, or start figuring out how to satisfy PETA’s demands at some level.