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Kraft CMO Mary Beth West, in an interview with Advertising Age makes an interesting observation about how to position the eat-at-home experience for shoppers at a time when they are looking for less expensive options to eating out:

“The cooking thing isn't something people revel in,” she says. “Eating is something that they do revel in. Some of the learning we've done over the past year shows that the difference between food recipes from the top of the database to the bottom [is how they're titled]. ‘Learn to cook stir-fry’ is fast to the bottom; ‘Easy stir-fry in 15 minutes’ is at the top.

"’Cook’ implies time and skill they may or may not have. But they know they have to put dinner on the table. They don't reject putting a little of themselves into it, but ‘cook’ sounds like a process, more time. What's a sauté? Framing it more as a food solution and an idea of getting dinner on the table is what it's all about. Despite the economic environment, people don't have any more time than they did a few months ago. But helping them be able to feed a family with food they feel good about is a big idea.”

KC's View:
A big idea not just for manufacturers endeavoring to come up with relevant products, but for retailers looking to create a relevant experience.